Genesis 37

March 10, 2017

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It's not the intent to be exhaustive in covering everything, or even to tell you what you should think about a given text. The main idea is to give you a starting point to begin thinking through and engaging with the text yourself, whether you a seasoned Bible student, or this is your first time reading the Bible. The reading selections are kept purposefully small, to make it as easy as possible to develop the discipline of regular Bible reading, and more importantly Bible engaging! It also helps make it possible to catch up if you fall behind a few days.

March 10, 2017: Genesis 37

Joseph, Jacob's favorite son, is gifted a special coat by his father, causing anger and jealousy among the other sons of Israel. Joseph also relates two dreams to his family indicating that they will all bow down to him. This does nothing to soothe the ire of Joseph's brothers. While far out, Joseph's brothers throw him in a pit, planning to kill him, but sell him into slavery instead. They dip Joseph's special coat in blood, and give their father the impression that his favorite son had died.

Questions to consider:

* Why does it seem like a coat is the center of all of this conflict? Why does this coat make Joseph’s brothers so angry?
* Why do you think Reuben goes along with the plan to conceal Joseph’s fate from their father, even though he originally planned on saving Joseph?


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