Genesis 41

March 14, 2017

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It's not the intent to be exhaustive in covering everything, or even to tell you what you should think about a given text. The main idea is to give you a starting point to begin thinking through and engaging with the text yourself, whether you a seasoned Bible student, or this is your first time reading the Bible. The reading selections are kept purposefully small, to make it as easy as possible to develop the discipline of regular Bible reading, and more importantly Bible engaging! It also helps make it possible to catch up if you fall behind a few days.

March 14, 2017: Genesis 41

Pharoah has a distrubing pair of dreams that no one in the kingdom can interpret, but the cupbearer remembers Joseph who had interpreted his dream while he was in jail. Joseph, who gives the credit of interpretation of dreams to God, says that Pharaoh's dreams mean there will be seven years of plenty in the land, followed by seven years of famine, and that Pharaoh had better start preparing for the famine. Pharaoh promotes Joseph to administer the taxation and distribution of grain, as well as gives Joseph a wife, Asenath, the daughter of an Egyptian priest. Joseph also has two sons, and is basically second-in-command in Egypt.

Question to consider:

* What reasons does Pharaoh give for promoting Joseph to a high governmental position? What does that say about Pharaoh as a leader?
* Notice the names Joseph gives to his sons in verses 51 and 52. What do you think these names mean to Joseph, and what insights do they give you into his attitude at this point in his life?


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